Pear Cooler

Put your serving skills to the test with a pear cocktail we reckon you’ve never tried before: the Prohibition Pear Cooler. We’ve taken the subtly spicy taste of Prohibition whisky and combined it with ginger, lemon, and fresh pear. The end result is not only a mouth-watering cocktail, but you’ll increase your credibility as the go-to mixologist amongst your friends! Win-win.


50ml Prohibition

15ml fresh lemon juice

10ml ginger syrup

7ml honey

Ginger Ale

1/8 pear slice


  1. In a mixing glass add the pear slice, lemon juice, honey and ginger syrup


  1. Muddle (mash!) the ingredients together


  1. Add the Prohibition and stir


  1. Strain into a mug


  1. Top with ginger ale


  1. Serve up with your leftover pear slices