Whisky and Bitter Lemon

A whisky drink you can mix up in seconds, this bitter lemon cocktail combines three ingredients together, to give you a seriously zesty thirst-quencher. As long as your whisky is light and fresh, then it won’t overpower the tangy lemon taste (this is where Cutty Sark comes in). It’s the perfect mix to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the night ahead.


35ml Cutty Sark

Bitter lemon (as much as you fancy)

Orange (and orange peel)

Dash of water (optional)



  1. Fill your glass with ice


  1. Pour the Cutty Sark over the ice


  1. Top up with the bitter lemon, and a dash of water if you fancy it


  1. Squeeze the twist of orange over the top of the glass, releasing the citrus oils from peel


  1. Garnish with a slice of orange peel and serve – it’s as easy as that