Whisky and Ginger Ale

If you’ve never combined your favourite whisky with ginger ale (or whisky and ginger beer if you prefer) then you’ve been missing out. The distinct taste of ginger ale complements our fresh and citrusy blended whisky perfectly! This one’s best mixed with good friends and good conversation (like anything really).


35ml Cutty Sark

Ginger Ale (of your choice)

Lime Wedge




  1. Fill a highball glass with ice. If you don’t have a highball to hand, any will do – we’re not fussy.


  1. Pour the Cutty Sark whisky and ginger ale over the ice.


  1. Squeeze the twist of limeover the top of the glass, releasing the citrus oils from the peel.


  1. Garnish with the lime wedge and enjoy your ginger ale cocktail!




Finish [your serve] off by rubbing the coloured side of the [lime] twist around the rim of the glass so that any remailing oils adhere to it, then drop the twist into the drink.” Gary Regan, mixologist.