Whisky and Lemon

Old-fashioned Scotch drinkers might sneer at this drink, so thankfully there’s none of those around here – we’re all about experimenting. Whisky and lemon tastes zesty and refreshing so you’ll want more than one… just don’t forget there’s whisky in there!      


50ml Cutty Sark

Lemon soda

2 lemon wedges

Peppermint leaf



  1. Fill glass with ice


  1. Squeeze in both lemon wedges, but not before running one along the rim of the glass


  1. Add the Cutty Sark


  1. Follow with zesty lemon soda


  1. Stir!


  1. Garnish with peppermint leaf



The clean oakiness and the soft vanilla notes found on the palate of Cutty make it perfect as a base for any and all Scotch-based drinks.” Gary Regan, mixologist