Whisky and Soda

A classic whisky combo! Cutty and soda is perfect for anyone who isn’t willing to compromise on the supreme taste of their whisky, but fancies a longer and even smoother drink. A splash of soda with a slice of lemon and you’re good to go.


35ml Cutty Sark

Soda of your choice




  1. Fill a glass with ice


  1. Pour the Cutty Sark and soda over the ice


  1. Squeeze the twist of lemon over the top of the glass


  1. Garnish with the lemon wedge and serve up your whisky and soda


  1. Repeat!


Using both hands, take the ends of the [lemon] twist between your thumbs and forefingers, hold it, coloured-side down, over the drink, and turn one end clockwise and the other counter clockwise. This releases the essential oils from the twist.” Gary Regan, mixologist